If You Had…

…June 29th-Labor Day. To do whatever you want, what would you do? Really. I would like you all to share here.

Here is how I’ve kicked things off today…

After a great 7 miler this morning–sans music for optimal reflection state–I walked over to Fordham University to attend the second commencement ceremony for the High School of Language & Innovation.

Somaiea was our singing Valedictorian who is going to City College in the fall.

Gaby: One of the kindest, most endearing students I ‘ve engaged with in 11 years in Bronx classrooms. We’re not supposed to have “favorites,” but Gaby really is one of them [see earlier post featuring interview with Gaby].

Benny! All my best, kind sir, all my best.

Nephew Andrew takes his first NYC subway. (This lil guy is 14 years old)

Andy quickly realizes he has no aspiration to live anywhere near Times Square.

Jeff for President!

We can breathe again—on the High Line.

Mmmmm. Cajun seitan sandwich at Candle West, 89th & Broadway.

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