The Relay is Coming…

Meet a Bronxite, II: Part I

Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York

500 For the Fallen relay enroute from Concord, Massachusetts to Arlington, Virginia. We are coming together to raise money for the children of fallen veterans.

Memorial Grove—a sanctuary to honor fallen veterans

The famous 102 year old cross country course.

Runners awaiting our relay leg from The Bronx to Midtown Manhattan. Most folks are from Van Cortlandt Track Club.

Buzunesh, Worku and I. This married couple consists of two world class professional runners. Buzunesh has a marathon PR of 2:19:59, finishing 2nd overall in 2014 Boston Marathon

(Drug cheat was first meaning Buzunesh was true champion.)

At any moment…our departure to Manhattan…

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