I’ve (almost) Made It

XXXXVII days in the gym post-injury, pre-run. That first run did not go quite as I’d hoped. Naively, perhaps, I believed with all my might that I’d fly directly from air cast into running. “I’ll average about 5 miles a day by the time I come back into new year,” I told several folks. Hahahaha…

Hanging On

5 more days in the gym since Monday. XXXVII days now in the gym with air cast. 6 weeks, 3 days since fracture. I hiked around yesterday for about 23,000 steps. It was a cool winter’s day. And it felt great. Eagerly, I await my final x Ray on Tuesday. I hope it shows complete…


Rehab workouts… Sunday, 11/11: Legs Ab Machine: x 2 sets, 40 reps, 140 lbs (:45 recovery between each) Heart racing Air Crunches: x 2 sets, 20 forward, 20 right side, 20 left side, several more frontside Heart racing Ab Machine: x 2 sets…same Air Crunches: x 2 sets…same Resistance Band: x 3, 1 minute each…

6th Time’s a Charm, Right?

In the dark of night, they were coming for me. I didn’t know how close they were, but in that sixth attempt, I wanted it badly. I went out in the driver’s seat, as my tenth grade student runner Tony had done in last month’s race. Typically, I don’t lead from the gun. I build….

What’s the Dead Sea Really Like?

How salty is it, really? Ever drunk vodka straight? The saltiness is so extreme, it’s like that in your mouth. I felt like, one accidental gulp of water would OD me with salt. Know how in most oceans-seas-lakes, you run your hand along the bottom and come up with sand, or plants, or mud? Here’s…


He forces his way He has hope for our demise He–not who he was


I saw through to the Other Side… I ran, and ran, and ran I fall now, prostrate to the Higher One. 

What the F–k is Wrong With Me?!

My boy Charlie was right— Not this Charlie… these are the best of times and worst of times. Yes, as many of you all know, I had an amazing expedition to and through Asia this summer. As many of you may not know, I even got to embrace and kiss beautiful women in Thailand &…

A Sacred Space

Mount Inari: one of the most fascinating, interesting, intriguing, uplifting, cool, spiritual places I have ever visited. Yes, there are legions of tourists below at the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. Especially when you do exactly as a more experienced American traveler in Japan told you exactly not to do, by going in the afternoon….

What is Kyle Doing?!

Have you ever found yourself treading water? Things are mostly okay for you–in fact, some things are great–yet a force inside is pulling you forward. You are not sure where in the heck you will end up. The unknown is scary; yet exhilarating. I find myself being moved…and a force has brought me to my…