Military & Masks

Every day is something new. You never know what you’ll find these days, previously unseen in the USA. National Guardsmen in fatigues with armored vehicles congregating in secret behind an office building, directly across from an upscale neighborhood. Man in a gas station parking lot selling little packets of masks. Average American folks wearing masks…

My Distance to Here

We must remain physically distant Yet we must keep exercising Let the natural world aid in our healing Find your path Keep moving Let us travel the road together

Praise to the Dollar

Let’s praise the Almighty Dollar. Since Staples is open here in LA County, Office Depot is, too. Since major grocery store chains are open, so is Big Lots. Aldi. Target is also open. Which means I’m sure Wal Mart is, too. Makes me so proud. Marijuana shops are open, so liquor stores are, as well….

High Tension

How can California possibly allow courthouses in Los Angeles County to remain open? My attorney friend had to attend court today for an “emergency hearing.” She discovered a judge who also had to attend this court, not normally his own, was just diagnosed with covid-19. The same judge who she has sat mere feet away…


…is Best Buy open in the Los Angeles area? Is this truly “an essential business”?

I Cannot Go Home to China

So I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday evening. Now, I’m at the mercy of the Chinese government. My girlfriend & I have not seen each other in 67 days. Here are a few current snapshots from LA…