It’s the Gas

Second I came out of my bedroom this morning, Serena tells me there’s no hot water and the stove is unusable. I contacted Mr. Lim, the company’s housing coordinator, via WeChat. He messaged back within 1 minute: Hi,You need to take the gas card to recharge. There is a recharging machine at the entrance of…

A Year In China, IV

Friends: I apologize for the formatting mess-up in this post. 

Tuesday, 10/08: 71 degrees, cloudy. Great conditions. Air somewhat improved,
 but still 120’s right now. Runable, but hoping for more improvement. Went 
out to run a few, but seems there was an endless recess period today. Kids
 from all grades, all directions, were flying around…

A Year in China–Part I

8/18: LA to Shanghai. Am I the only one who enjoys 12-14 hour flights? Watched “blackish,” “Pet Sematary.” Read LA Times, New York Times. Studied Chinese. Did sets of squats. Looking forward somewhat to Shanghai but anxious about training being interrupted by bad air quality. I should be positive. In typical Chinese fashion, Guilin pops…